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December 04 2010

Mentalgassi Does Some Good in London

Vandalog - A Street Art Blog

Shared by St. R.

German street art collective Mentalgassi teamed up with Amnesty International. The outdoor pieces will be entitled “Making the Invisible Visible,” which highlight the controversial death row sentence of Troy Davis. He has been on death row for 19 years, despite serious doubts about his original conviction. From head on the piece can ...

Artist Highlight: The Phantom

Vandalog - A Street Art Blog

I couldn’t help but laugh when RJ emailed me about posting about street artist The Phantom. Just like him my first thought was “Isn’t this the guy that created that Rage Against the Machine cover for “The Battle of Los Angeles.”" Well, yes, it is, (and yes I know who Rage is. I may be young, but I’m not that young), but he also does some really good outdoor workswork that I haven’t seen before ...

December 03 2010

Patrick Martinez's "Come In We're Closed"

Wooster Collective





From Patrick:

Another day without a dollar.

Many small independent mom and pop businesses have been closing up left and right all across the United States. All that is left behind is a cold empty vacant space. Martinez utilizes the space to engage the viewer or passer by on the street with a colorful visual dialog and touching on what people are going through finically during the current...

December 01 2010

Autone, Gdansk, Poland

unurth | street art

artist: Autone location: Gdansk, Poland Tweet | share +

November 30 2010

Claudio Ethos, Paris, Vienna + Sao Paulo

unurth | street art

Paris Vienna Sao Paulo (with Onesto) See more by Ethos. artist: Ethos location: Paris, Vienna, Sao Paulo Paris images by Vitostreet. Vienna images by Isabel Koenigsstetter. Tweet | share +

November 27 2010

Other, Freight Trains

unurth | street art

See more by Other. artist: Other location: Montreal, Canada Tweet | share +

November 26 2010

D.O.C.S. New Site


Crooked Shit have a new site up & running and their varies typography work continues to impress....

Thanks to HYB for the info...

November 25 2010

Vienna's Renegade Invaders

BLK River

BLK River

Pics by Phreak 2.0 aka Christian Mayrhofer

Flying saucer-shaped UFO space invaders have been spotted around Vienna's "The Third Man" locations.





Wreck the Walls at Subliminal Projects

Vandalog - A Street Art Blog

I have to say that I really appreciate galleries that continue to do shows during the Holiday season. While most just shut down because “everyone else does” I find it admirable when a curator puts together a show, and a decent group show at that.

Martha Cooper Happy Holidays

Opening December 11 at Subliminal Projects is Wreck the Walls, a group exhibition of over 30 artists combining rebellious u...

November 24 2010

Smashed Potatos in Vietnam


Pixel in Vietnam: Die russische Pixel-Crew Smashed Potatos war wieder unterwegs – und hat diesmal Saigon und die Insel Phú Quốc heimgesucht. Via: Mail, thx!

Graffiti Writer Was Asked to Bomb TWIST Wall


So, permission was given to a very active graffiti writer to bomb the TWIST mural on Houston Street, it was given by the artist himself. The Hole Gallery, which is now responsible for curating the wall, said Barry McGee asked one “his local friends to do a SACE tribute,” before the wall undergoes another seasonal transformation.

But the gallery also admitted that they didn’t file for any...

3TTMAN's Millenium Mosaic

Wooster Collective




To say that 3TTMAN's latest projects in Vietnam are impressive would be a massive understatement. The project above is a massive mosaic wall located in the center of Hanoi. Most importantly, be sure to check out the "making of" documentation here.


November 23 2010


Mon Chatoyant Chateau

Second report with random stuff found outside…


Yes, in China there are holes in the road. Sometimes the massive & heavy metal piece to cover them is not at its right place… China + Chanel becomes Chnael… chnael Bonus track: For my man Eko: I think of you everyday when i pass by in front of this painting…

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November 22 2010

November 21 2010

Neues von The Wa, China


Junk food // 2010

Flag // 2010

Kit garden // 2010

Nursery // 2010

The Wa war in China und hat einige neue Arbeiten gemacht. Mehr von The Wa gibt es hier.

via: Mail, danke!
Bilder: The Wa


November 20 2010

Neues von 1010, Okinawa


clean clean shiny city
schools of aesthetics, heated toilettseats, singing streetlights, peace, harmony and manga. society close to perfection…

1010 war in Japan und hat einige schöne neue Arbeiten in Okinawa gemacht, unter anderem auch ein Video.

Mehr von 1010 gibt es hier.

Bilder: 1010


November 19 2010

Abuse of Power

Vandalog - A Street Art Blog

(yes that is lady pink modeling the t shirt in 1983) Colab, Group Material, the Real Estate Show, If You Lived Here, Martha Rosler, Dia Beacon Soho, ABC No Rio, Loft Living, Lee, Lady Pink, Jenny Holzer.
To get a sense of these correlations between sometimes seemingly disparate conceptual, graffiti and activist works, download this informative essay by Alan Moore with Jim Cornwell Local...

November 18 2010

Neues von Roa, Zaragoza/Berlin/London


Neues vom belgischen Street Art Künstler  ROA in Zaragoza, Berlin und London.  Bild 1: Mural Painting Festival, Zaragoza. Bild 2: Berlin, Schönhauser Allee, entstanden im Rahmen der Stroke 3. Video: ROA in Aktion in der Hanbury Street, Brick Lane, London aus dem April diesen Jahres.

Mehr von ROA gibt es hier.

via: just / vimeo
Bilder: just / ROA

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