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March 22 2011

Dallas’ High Five Interchange

Google Sightseeing

As the world’s people continue to acquire automobiles at a precipitous rate, we must build increasingly complex intersections to deal with the resulting traffic. Few places epitomise this trend more than the intersection of the Interstate 635 and US 75 freeways in Dallas, Texas, where the massive, five-level High Five Interchange was completed in December 2005 at a cost of US$261 million.

The H...

Neues von Farto


Neues vom portugiesischen Street Artist Alexandr Farto aka Vhils. Mehr von Farto gibt es hier.

via: rebel:art
Bilder: Farto

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March 16 2011

Neues von 1010


Und gleich noch ein Update an neuen Arbeiten von 1010. Mehr von 1010 gibt es hier. Sehr schön!

Bilder: 1010

February 13 2011

Watchlist: Radya


“Your move. There is one thing – the only one to be totally sure about: everything will eventually disappear. The city, the streets, the buildings, even we ourselves and our children. The time will pass and the piers of this grand bridge will go shaky, fall down, fold as domino row. This basically means, if things are not eternal – and there are no eternal things – we can change them as we...

February 09 2011

Happy Birthday Spraydose!

We are KEMS

Die Spraydose wird 85!

Dienstag, der 09.02.1926: Der norwegische Chemie-Ingenieur Erik Rotheim erfindet die Sprühdose. Heute also genau 85 Jahre her. Straight Richtung 100!

from *urbanshit.de by rk

February 08 2011

Yola, Poland

unurth | street art

Via the unurth facebook page, I came across the fascinating work of Yola. Yola recreates scenes from Renaissance paintings using people from a local community center."Inviting the folks from the day centre was supposed to be a slightly subversive act: as if entering a haven for Fallen Angels, all aged 60 or over, who end up in a day centre because they can’t cope with life in society. The ...

February 05 2011

After Effects: Moldy Miniature Homes Left to Decay


[ By Steph in Abandoned Places, Architecture & Design, Urban Images. ]

A tiny paper village blooms with a thick, cobwebby coating of multi-colored mold, left to decay just as every structure ever built by man would eventually do if humans were to disappear. Italian artist Daniele Del Nero painstakingly constructed these architectural scale models out of black paper and covered them with ...

February 04 2011

El Tornillo

Vandalog - A Street Art Blog

Tomas Guereña aka El Tornillo lives in Mexico where he creates beautiful art with patterns that remind me of sea creatures. The art is wonderful and the fact that he chooses to include people in his pictures makes it even better, giving the viewer a better sense of where he comes from,where he lives, and where he chooses to make art. The end result: just perfect!

You can go to Flickr to see...

February 02 2011

January 27 2011

A city made of different monuments than these


Pencil drawings as dia slide projektion.
Vienna, A.

January 11 2011

Hyuro, Valencia

unurth | street art

See more by Hyuro. artist: Hyuro location: Valencia, Spain Tweet | share +

January 08 2011

Katsu and Destroy/Rebuild ad takeovers

Vandalog - A Street Art Blog

Katsu and Avone aka Destroy & Rebuild have a show on now at PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn. To promote the show, they took over a number of phone booth advertisements in NYC. In the past, I’ve been known to criticize street artists for putting of posters promoting gallery shows when they could be doing street art, but I’m not sure I can criticize Katsu and Destroy & Rebuild in the same way...

January 06 2011

Pallo’s monsters

Vandalog - A Street Art Blog

Pallo sent over some photos of what he’s been painting in Finland. I wish Romanywg could photograph some of Pallo’s work, they could be a great combo. Either way, Pallo’s painting some fun creatures.

Pallo and Aie

Photos by Pallo

RJ Rushmore for Vandalog | Permalink | 2 comments

January 02 2011

JAZ in Buenos Aires

Vandalog - A Street Art Blog

JAZ sent over these photos of what he’s been up to in Buenos Aires…

Photos by JAZ

RJ Rushmore for Vandalog | Permalink | No comments

December 28 2010

Neues von Lang Baumann


Kleines Update des Schweizer Raum- und Architektur-Studio L/B Lang Baumann. Das Duo bewegt sich mit seinen Arbeiten irgendwo zwischen Architektur und urban Interventions. Mehr von Lang Baumann gibt es hier.

Bilder: L/B


December 23 2010

Mapping The Downfall

The Pop-Up City

Fascinating ruins are surrounding us! All over our cities and outside, symbolic decadent buildings are taken as case studies to talk about an era. The picture of Villa Savoye taken before its renovation marks the end of the modern movement long before its international recognition, due to the misunderstandings and the lack of interest towards the “machines for living” it was creating. Decline o...

December 22 2010

Seen On The Streets Of New York: K-Guy's No Blood

Wooster Collective



From K-Guy: "the 'No Blood' image is a piece that explores the clean white shirt: the uniform of the rich and the powerful, with a narrative of interweaving concepts of big business, corporate greed, the politics of war, freedom and 'truth'. The stains of suffering will always be visible"

December 21 2010

Iemza, Abandoned Places, Reims

unurth | street art

See more by Iemza. artist: Iemza location: Reims, France images by Thierry Gaude Tweet | share +
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